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10 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe This Halloween

pumpkin_icon_2Welcome to the first Polly Klaas Foundation Blog! What better way to kick off child safety tips than as we approach one of the biggest “kids night out” of the year!


Each Halloween Season children begin filling with excitement from the time they decide what costume to wear to the moment they step out the door for the big night of Trick-or-Treating!

This long-time tradition is one of the most fun nights of the year for all ages – and should continue to be fun as long as everyone keeps some important safety tips in mind. Here is a great list of advice we wanted to share it with you.




1.   Choose bright costumes, and have children carry flashlights or glow sticks so they are easily visible.

(Hint – Try adding reflective tape to costumes and candy bags!)

2.   Plan a trick-or-treating route in familiar neighborhoods with well-lit streets.


3.   Make sure children know your cellphone number, their home telephone number, and address in case you get separated. Consider giving them a cellphone so they can reach you easily


4.  Teach children how to call 911 in an emergency.


5.  Teach children to say “NO!” in a loud voice if someone tries to get them to go somewhere, accept anything other than a treat, or leave with them. Tell them to try everything they can to escape, including yelling, hitting, and kicking.




6.  Make sure older children take friends and stay together while trick-or-treating.


7.  Never send younger children out alone – they should be with a parent, guardian, or another trusted adult.


8.  Always walk younger children to the door to receive treats.


9.  Don’t let children enter a home unless you are with them.


10.  Be sure children do not approach any vehicle, occupied or not, unless you are with them.


Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!


For Year-Round Child Safety Tips visit:




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