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So Your Tweenager Wants a Smartphone

Back in the day the “big conversation” at the dinner table was about when to allow your child to go to the movies for a first date, or drive the family car. Typically this is what made turning 16 such a big deal. But now a days parents are negotiating with their much younger children […]

5 Ideas to Create a Memorable and Safe Holiday

When you think back to your most favorite holiday, what comes to mind? Chances are, it was not the gift you received that makes the memory so special. It was more likely an experience you had with your family or friends that stands out. This holiday season, consider focusing more on experiencing the holidays rather […]

5 Tips for Planning a Less Stressful Holiday Season

With Halloween behind us and the “holidays” upon us; we are entering the time of year where children are so excited you practically have to peel them off the ceiling! The holidays are supposed to be fun, but they can also be very stressful for parents who are juggling blended family schedules and obligations while […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe This Halloween

Welcome to the first Polly Klaas Foundation Blog! What better way to kick off child safety tips than as we approach one of the biggest “kids night out” of the year!   Each Halloween Season children begin filling with excitement from the time they decide what costume to wear to the moment they step out the door […]